Sunday, May 16, 2010

Garo Feature #15

For the Sept, 1967, issue, I'm highlighting two stories: Shigeru Mizuki's "Lazy Musashi" and Kuniko Tsurita's "(Sumomo's Family) After That".    Click on the image to go to the media fire album.

Famed swordsman Musashi is lying around and picking his nose, trying to decide what to do with himself.  He tries his hand at woodcarving, then settles down to writing his treatise, the "Book of 5 Rings".  Nothing really deep here, just a little glimpse at a historical figure, Mizuki-style

Supposedly written by Ateharu Tsugi  (宛春つぎ), this is actually a parody work by Kuniko Tsurita, building on Yoshiharu Tsuge's earlier story, "Sumomo's Family".  The hero returns to the home of Sumomo's family 3 months after having left it, finding that the four of them are exactly as he'd last seen them.  However, they've moved down to the first floor, the second having been taken over by a strange woman with really slender eyes.  The hero takes up residence in the closet under the stairs and is woken up at night by the woman's overly loud stereo playing.  She looks really emaciated, but when he tries offering her some bread she ignores him.  A few days go by and she sells the stereo to two guys and uses the money to buy a huge amount of food.  Again, time passes and along with the new silence there's a new stench.  At some point, she'd died while eating the food.  Sumomo and the hero bury her under a rock and the hero takes over her room on the second floor of the rundown shack, where he still lives today.

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