Sunday, May 30, 2010

Garo Feature #17

For the Nov., '67 issue, I'm highlighting:

Shinji Nagashima's - Prohibited Games
Seiichi Hayashi's - Aguma, his son, and the uneaten spirit

禁じられた遊 (Prohibited Games)

#5 in the Shinji Gekiga series. A young boy and girl are out playing in the woods when they find a dog that's been killed by a car. They take the body deeper into the woods and bury it with a marker saying "below here is a dog". When they look up, they can see the sea of graves surrounding them, marking a variety of other creatures. The boy initially stated that now they have the full set, but he corrects himself, saying that they're missing one more - human. The two children are last seen running into a neighboring city.

アグマと息子と食えない魂 (Aguma, his son, and the uneaten spirit)

A wizard dies and goes to hell where the devil Aguma and his son are waiting to eat tainted spirits. The wizard doesn't think he belongs in hell, and Aguma tends to agree. The boy demon is outraged at his father's behavior and demands to know what's going on. After the wizard returns to the cycle of reincarnation, Aguma answers that the human wasn't plump enough yet. Wait for him to come back a few more times and he'll be tastier.

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