Sunday, June 6, 2010

Garo Feature #18

For the Dec., '67 issue, I'm highlighting:

Yoshiharu Tsuge's - Nishibu Tamura Incident
Shouhei Kusunoki's - Red Water, First Half
Shigeru Mizuki's - Japan's Gods

西部田村事件 (Nishibu Tamura Incident)

A fisherman (probably the same one as in Red Flower) is out in the countryside looking for a new fishing spot when an excited villager runs up and says that an inmate - arguably violently insane - at a nearby hospital has escaped. A number of other villagers show up to find the escapee, with one of them claiming to have seen someone in a gown climbing up in the trees. After discovering that the trees are too hard to climb, the townspeople give up and leave. The fisherman discovers the inmate, who leads him to a glade where fish swim around in seep holes. The guy accidentally steps in one of the holes, and the fish trapped under his foot swims around, tickling him. The fisherman goes into town for help and the inmate is eventually extracted and returned to the hospital. The fisherman looks at the trapped fish then releases it into the river.

赤水, 前篇 (Red Water, First Half)

This is a tale of four people - 2 brothers, a girl and an upper class boy being groomed as a soldier in the Great War. The younger of the two brothers is supposed to be helping tend the rice in the paddies, but instead is spending his time with the upper class boy as a way to get closer to the other boy's horse. During this time, the upper class boy is mistreating the farmboy mercilessly with a form of military training. The rich one's family has decided to marry him to the prettiest girl in the village, which is why she disappears. The older brother tries to explain to the younger one that the horses are being used for war, but it doesn't take. One night, the rich family throws a party to celebrate the chosen one's selection to the officer's ranks, and during the drinking session afterwards, the older brother gets sick and the other soldiers throw him out into the rain.

日本のカミサマたち (Japan's Gods)

Another short commentary by Shigeru. This time, he's describing Japan's new gods, such as that for freeways and yacht fishing.

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