Sunday, June 27, 2010

Garo Feature #21

For the Mar., '68 issue, I'm highlighting:

Akira Ogawa's - Adolescent Gravesite
Shigeru Mizuki's - Kitaro Night Stories

青春の墓 (Adolescent Gravesite)

Akira is finally back with a short-one shot. A high school boy is involved in a love triangle between two other friends. The one male friend reads a script the boy has written and thinks that it's going to be a hit, and the girl both of them like could be the star of the show. The rival then announces that he and the girl may get married soon. Some time later, the girl arrives at the boy's house to announce that the rival fell ill quickly and has died. The boy runs over to the rival's house, and sees the script in the rival's room, and ends up modifying it to put himself in the role opposite the girl in the play. Time goes by and everything seems to be going according to the boy's plans, until the girl commits suicide and leaves a note saying that she just couldn't live without her true love to support her. The boy's spirit is crushed and he says goodbye to his innocence.

鬼太郎夜話 (Kitaro Night Stories) #10

The fake Kitaro (FK) finds himself in a boggy hell. The real Kitaro jumped into the river after them, but he can't swim and passersby have to help pull him to shore. He did manage to get Neko Musume away from FK, but she died anyway. Kitaro's father offers to go to hell to try to get the demon vest back from FK, and is flattened by a car while standing in the middle of a street. FK initially thinks that hell is pretty neat, lacking other people, a need to go to school or having to work. But, he does eventually get hungry, then discovers that the fish in the bog are all just skeletons. Kitaro's father (AKA: Otosan) shows up and declares that the lack of food is one side of hell - if FK doesn't leave, he'll waste away and turn into a mummy after 100 hours. They start looking for the tunnel entrance into hell proper, which then takes them to a house where Neko Musume's spirit has taken up residence. FK panics and runs away, getting lost in hell's vast reaches, the absence of other people suddenly making him very lonely.

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