Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ryouichi Ikegami

Mr. Alchemy commented, on my entry for Garo #42, that Ryouichi Ikegami's fans (Mai, the Psychic Girl and Crying Freeman) wouldn't recognize Ryouichi's early works. Something that I'd also remarked on back when I saw his debut work, "Crime of Awareness". I figured that I have enough of a catalog for him that it'd be worth showing the evolution of Ryouichi Ikegami from September, 1966, to February, 1968.

Crime of Awareness, 12 pages, issue 25, the debut work. You can see the full story by clicking on the image. The influence of Tezuka's style is pretty blatant, and is similar to that of other artists who copied Tezuka early on, such as Shotaro Ishinomori and Yoshiharu Tsuge.

Summer, 20 pages, issue 36. A big jump in style in only 11 months. "Summer" is more of a psychological horror story, and the character designs have taken on a more realistic, less cartoony look. The lines are thinner and there's less use of heavy blocks of black.

Globe, 18 pages, issue 37. We're starting to see more refinements in the character designs, but they're still not quite at Ryuichi's stylistic level yet. "Globe" is another psychological study, this time about a young boy who may have a small-scale version of the actual planet Earth in a cage, or it may all just be the fevered dreams of a boy trapped in a coma.

Game Preserve, 24 pages, issue 39. We're getting a little closer to the Crying Freeman style now.

3-sided Mirror Flirtation, 18 pages, issue 40. A little bit of a regression in character design, as he tries his hand at Alfred Hitchcock-style humor.

Fuutarou, starting with issue 42. Fuutaro marks his first attempt at serializing a gritty slice-of-life manga for Garo. We can see a lot of growth in his designs in only 17 months. But he's gone back to a thicker, bolder line, and it makes the facial details look blocky and clumsy when the character is drawn at a distance.

This is as much as I have of his works from Garo at this point, seeing that I've only bought Garo up to issue #44. If/when I get enough material to continue this overview, I'll add it at a later date.

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