Sunday, July 4, 2010

Garo Feature #22

For the Apr., '68 issue, I'm highlighting:

Yoshiharu Tsuge's - Korean floor heater cabin
Maki Sasaki's - Ballad of Anri and Annu

オンドル小屋 (Korean floor heater cabin)

This is another of the stories that had been included in Tsuge's "Neji-shiki" collection I reviewed a while back. The author goes out to a mountainside onsen to relax in the hot spring waters. Unfortunately, 3 delinquents show up and act like jerks, ruining his trip.

アンリとアンヌのバラード (Ballad of Anri and Annu)

A man and a woman working in a strange prison climb up to the surrounding wall. They take turns telling their stories, in alternating pages. The guy was an artist that arrived in town and fell in love with a beautiful woman. The woman lived with an older man, and the artist ended up sneaking into their house in the middle of the night to continue the affair, but the old man woke up and shot him, thinking that the artist was a jewel thief there to rob him. The artist then died in the resulting hail of gunfire and went to hell. The prison girl, on the other hand, became homeless when her mother died. She tried making a living selling matches, but at a time of cheap cigarette lighters no one was buying. In the midst of the ongoing Christmas celebrations, the girl decided to use her matches to keep herself warm, by setting fire to houses around town. The townspeople caught her and burned her at the stake as punishment, and she also made the trip to hell. Back in the prison in hell, the two prisoners decide to ask kami-sama to save them and take them to a place that's more comfortable.

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