Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Garo Feature #23

For the May, '68 issue, I'm highlighting:

Yuu Takita's - Island Solitude
Shouhei Kusunoki's - Special News
Hideshi Hino's - Mud Dolls

孤独の島 (Island Solitude)

A shipwrecked castaway daydreams about escaping the island he shares with his wife and 4 babies.

臨時ニュース (Special News)

Shouhei has forgone the Edo era again, trying for his second story set in the 1960's. This one is well-drawn, but kind of pointless. A girl, her father, her younger brother and their dog live at home. The girl gets hit by a car and injures her arm, but it gets better. The father encounters the driver of the car and his boss, and accepts the settlement. The boy gets into a fight with another kid and hits him in the head with a rock, but the victim comes out of the altercation ok. (The other kid is actually the son of the car driver, who tells his boy to quit crying and fight harder next time.) At the end, the dog growls at someone that seems to be a bad guy and that's it. Nothing is resolved or changed.

どろ人形 (Mud Dolls)

A group of disabled children living in the shadows of some factory smokestacks create a statue out of mud and then beat it down with sticks as a symbolic retribution against the adults that built the factories that spew out the black ash that has stolen away their eyes, mouths and ears. Unfortunately, the ritual fails to work this time too, as the factories remain standing. At the end, they watch the beautiful sunset through the smog.

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