Sunday, July 25, 2010

Garo Feature #26

For the July, '68 issue, I'm highlighting:

Tamehiro Tashiro's - Indian Treasure
Takako Harada's - The Petite Pooch

インドの宝 (Indian Treasure)

The creator of "Mysterious Ball" and "Space Event" is back. A man out drifting on the ocean on a raft encounters a guy from India stranded on an island. The Indian jumps on the raft, and eats half of the guy's food. The guy has a map to a great Indian treasure, which the Indian tries to take. At some point, the Indian talks the guy into diving into the ocean with him, and the guy discovers that the treasure is actually the sunrise as seen from under the water.

The Petit プチ (The Petite Pooch)

A young girl finds a stray puppy and takes it to school, where the other kids fall in love with it but the teacher objects to having pets in class. She brings it home, and her mother drop kicks it out of the house, making the girl hate her mother. The puppy disappears for a while. Eventually, she finds it again, but when she approaches, it runs away. As she chases after it, the puppy slowly starts treating this all as a game. The girl keeps talking about how she loves the dog. But then it runs into the street and gets hit by a car. The girl hates the dog for bleeding on her hands, which then marks the point where she turns into a grown-up.

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