Sunday, August 8, 2010

Garo Feature #31

For the November, '68 issue, I'm highlighting:

Shinji Nagashima's - Old Monkey-Crab Days
Seiichi Hayashi's - Rose Crest
Yuu Takita's - A Woman's World

さるかに昔 (Old Monkey-Crab Days)

Long ago there was a crab scuttling along the beach, doing his daily chores. One day, he found a persimmon seed, so he planted it, and tended it until years later it had grown tall and borne its first fruit. Unfortunately, the tree's trunk was too slippery for the crab to climb it, so he asked a passing monkey to go up into the tree and toss down one of the persimmons. The monkey instead decided to eat all of the fruit itself, telling the crab to make do with the discarded pits. The crab pleaded with the monkey for just one fruit, and in disgust the monkey hurled a persimmon at him, killing the crab. However, a hundred tiny crabs came to life from the now empty shell, and they grow up to carry on the old one's work. Eventually, the monkey kills another one of them and they decide to get revenge. On their way to the monkey's house, they pick up allies, including a thorny seed, a cow patty, a large pot and a bee. Working together they ambush the monkey and then crush him under the pot. The survivors live happily ever after.

It looks like Shinji has forgone his "Shinji Gekiga Collection" to start up a new series retelling various old folk tales. This is #2 in his new "Dansan" series.

花の紋章 (Rose Crest) #2

Seiichi is departing from his bizarre satirical works involving gorillas, frogs and wizards and moving into the realm of gangsters. Two young boys have decided to sneak out to a shack on the outskirts of town, where a woman is rumored to be sleeping with some guy, and they can watch through the windows. The guy is a famed gangster, who spends most of his time beating up punks and reminiscing about a beautiful woman, while the narrative text is drawn to look like an overblown movie poster, or the lyrics of an enka song.

彼女の世界 (A Woman's World)

A secretary sitting at her desk, powdering her nose, sees a discount coupon for a department store fly by the window and land on the ledge outside. She goes out on the ledge to pick it up when her boss happens by and thinks that she's been having a bad love life and is about to jump. The fire department, the police and ambulances are called. Crowds gather to watch, with a few guys taking advantage of the situation to look up women's dresses. She falls. Her boss is next seen watching TV and laughing. She wakes up at her desk, takes the coupon out of her purse and tears it up before returning to powdering her nose.

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