Sunday, August 29, 2010

Garo Feature #33

For the Jan., '69 issue, I'm highlighting:

Manabu Ohyama's - Accident
Tadao Tsuge's - Longing Melody

遭難 (Accident)

A blond westerner, presumably an American in Japan from the fighting in Vietnam, wakes up in some guy's car. He'd been out drinking the night before and had passed out. The driver had jacked the car and they're now having a joyride. The blond panics, wondering what will happen if they get caught. Soon after, they encounter a traffic stop, and the Japanese cop calls over his superior to help with the language barrier. The driver laughs and floors the pedal, tearing away from the stop. Suddenly, a bike rider pulls in front of the car, and the driver hits him before plowing into a tree. The blond exits the car, sees the accident victim struggling to get to his feet, takes the driver's gun and has a flashback. He was a greenhorn in a patrol in 'nam when they got ambushed. He was trapped out in the open and his buddies tried to reach him from their foxhole. A sniper above them in a tree picked off the rest of the patrol until some other soldiers arrived and took the sniper out. Back in the present, the blond shoots the cyclist 4 times in the chest. The driver recovers and the two of them run away from the scene.

懐かしのメロディ (Longing Melody)

This looks like another autobiographical tale with Yoshiharu's younger brother, Tadao, sitting at a bar while an old man reminisces about a friend of his, Sabu, back during the days of the university unrest. Sabu had lived in a rundown shack along with a prostitute. His only rule for her was that she not sleep with foreigners. At the time, some local punks were terrorizing the neighborhood, and Sabu took it on himself to chase them out. At one point, three of them gang up on him and beat him up pretty badly. Realizing that he couldn't take them on all at one time, Sabu disappeared. Rumor was it that he was slowly eliminating the punks one by one. Eventually, he does surface again, missing his right eye and looking much meaner. Unfortunately, he runs into the prostitute, who is in the company of an American serviceman. Sabu snaps and tries to kill the guy, while the girl yells that he has the wrong idea. A crowd gathers to watch the American get pummeled, then they start wondering if Sabu is really going to kill him. Finally, some police arrive and they catch the girl. She yells at Sabu to run and never come back. He bolts. Back in the bar, Tadao and the old man have gotten very drunk, and Tadao staggers off home. He turns back to ask if Sabu was ever seen after that and the old man says he doesn't know, but isn't it better this way? Tadao laughs and agrees with him, leaving the bar as the old man sits there looking pensive.


  1. Just wanted to drop you a note that I'm still following and really appreciating this project of yours! Great stuff.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Things had gotten a little quiet in here and I wasn't sure if anyone was still reading these scans.