Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garo Feature #35

For the Mar., '69 issue, I'm highlighting:

Haruo Koyama & Haruko Ri's - Oyuki
Kuniko Tsurita's - Sound

おゆき (Oyuki)

Oyuki is a young girl living alone outside one of the villages. When she comes into the village one day, asking if anyone knows about a baby that had been left at a shrine some years ago, the villagers call her the god of death and attack her to chase her out. One of the older villagers soon dies afterwards and they all say that this is obviously Oyuki's fault. She tries approaching another village and the same thing happens. Later, Oyuki sees a little girl playing with a ball along the seashore, and the ball gets caught by the waves. To protect the girl, Oyuki runs out into the water, but gets trapped by the undercurrent. The little girl's brother comes along and saves her. Next, some samurai enter the village and demand more rice for tribute to the local lord. The villagers have nothing left to give and some of them are killed as they protest. They see Oyuki watching from up in the hills and they blame her for all of this. They throw rocks at her and she falls from the hill and dies. The little girl's brother tried to stop the villagers, and he's the one that finds that Oyuki had been holding a note that implies that she was the abandoned child, and had originally just been a villager like them, but was cast out because of the actions of the samurai. The villagers turn on the samurai and chase them away. The scene changes. An old man is telling a young woman the story of what had happened at this spot a few hundred years ago. As the woman gets up to leave, she takes off her sunglasses, revealing a slightly older version of Oyuki.

音 (Sound)

A young man wakes up one morning to find himself without a body, and someone else sitting in his bed. The interloper drinks his best wine and eats his favorite rice crackers, and the main character yells that he's doing it wrong and corrects him. The interloper laughs that the main character has no hands for doing all this himself and then he goes outside. The main character stays in his room, unable to leave, surrounded by the ticking of his alarm clock.

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