Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drawn and Quarterly comments

You may have noticed that I write up these Garo summaries/reviews well in advance of when I run them. Right now, I've got two concerns regarding these write-ups. First, I'm hitting the section of the Mandarake shelves where a lot of the issues are unavailable. For the first half of 1970, about 4 regular issues, and several special issues are missing. Second, I'm trying to focus my energies on studying for my level 2 Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December, so I'm not buying Garo much at the moment. But, I am taking the time to enter issue information from the net into the Garo database. Since I'm not reading and scanning the manga now, updating the database is going fairly quick, and I'm well into 1970 right now.

Because I keep running into the same title over and over again in the span from 1969-1970, I decided to check out the Drawn & Quarterly site to verify something. The title is Seiichi Hayashi's "Red-Colored Elegy" and what I wanted to check is whether this is the one that D&Q carries. Turns out it is. To me, the Japanese version of the manga is just a series of nonsense images. According to D&Q, it's a metaphorical story about 2 lovers during the turmoil of 1960's Japan. If you like Seiichi's manga, and you don't already own it, here's your chance to support the author.

Of course, Susumu Katsumata's "Red Snow" is carried by D&Q. He did die in 2007, but you can still support his family by buying the book.

Finally, one thing that caught my eye, and prompted me to write this entry, is that Shigeru Mizuki is also included in the list of D&Q's artists. He's not in the product catalog yet, but the fact that they have a biography on him seems promising. Maybe this means that they'll run some of his works in English soon.


  1. They're publishing Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths and NonNonBā. It's on their blog here:

  2. Thanks. Figures the announcement would be in a blog post - searches on the main D&Q site kept coming up with nothing. If only they'd include some Kitaro with the war stories.