Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garo Feature #38

For the May, '69 issue, I'm highlighting:

Seiichi Hayashi's - Flower Poem
Satsu Hiroo's - Distant Memories

花の詩 (Flower Poem)

Another installment in the "Flower" series. Subtitled "花さく港" (Torn flower harbor). A woman living out in a fishing village with her young daughter has taken a lover from Tokyo. She hates Tokyo because all the men that come to the village give up and go back home eventually. But, he too decides to leave, and as he stands on the ship, the two of them hold a ribbon to show their bond with each other. The ship pulls out and the woman says "don't tear", but it does. The chapter ends with a song lyric about sad partings.

思えばとおく (Distant Memories)

This is a lyrical image piece that starts out with a young family - man, woman and a small child - playing in the woods in the snow in the winter. It switches to the man sitting on a cliff, thinking. From here, it's a collage of images of the man and woman, birds and flowers, metamorphosing from sea waves to clouds and back. In with all this are tight little blocks of text of various ruminations. The story ends with a bird looking forlornly from the cliff, and the family back in the woods.

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