Sunday, November 7, 2010

Garo Feature #44

For the Oct., '69 issue, I'm highlighting:

Tadao Tsuge's - Rainy Season, Part 2
Shouhei Kusunoki's - Stone Worker

雨期 (Rainy Season, Part 2)

This story is largely unrelated to part 1. The art is cruder, and it looks much more amateurish than before. The basic story is that a woman running a drinking room and her friend are joined by a customer. They talk for a while and it becomes obvious that the mama-san (female bar owner) is preoccupied. The friend and the customer talk her into explaining what the problem is. Turns out that her adult daughter had been seduced by a street thug (presumably the one from part 1), and had disappeared for a few days before suddenly coming back home. When the daughter had first tried to move in with her "boyfriend", the guy's thugs had threatened her into turning tricks for them. At this point in the story, the friend and the customer get embarrassed and tell the mama-san that they've heard enough. The story ends with the approaching storm building up and getting stronger.

石匠 (Stone Worker)

This is a simple slice-of-life story with art by Shouhei, based on a story by 冬木良 (which could be read as Yoshi Fuyuki). There's nothing coming up on him in either English or Japanese, except for references to this particular story.

A tall man visits his friend, a young woman that had quit her job in order to take care of her father. The guy doesn't understand why she is so dedicated to the old man, and constantly urges her to get on with her life. While he seems to be attracted to the girl, she just treats him as a friend. But, it is true, that while they visit a cemetery, that she shows a morbid side. Later, the father talks to his daughter, and he comments that she likes a particular stone cutter named Kuroushi, and he follows this up with the comment that he can hear Kuroushi walking up in the snow. He dies, and the tall friend accompanies the woman to the funereal. The tall guy sees some round boulders in the father's studio and is inspired to carve similar boulders himself. Then, he drives to the hills, where he tracks down the woman. She's with the other stone carver, Kuroushi, who is polishing a slab of granite. He watches as the couple frolics in the grass near a flowing river.

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