Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garo Feature #45

For the Nov., '69 issue, I'm highlighting:

Tamehiro Tashiro's - Painful Evening
Shigeo Masai's - Mime
Ouji Suzuki's - Helping Shou

痛かった夕暮れ (Painful Evening)

The master of the wordless manga explores new ground with a story where the characters actually talk. A regular guy tries getting a train ticket, only to be insulted and injured by the station personnel. In the end, he is forced to walk back home.

Mime (Mime)

Shigeo is going by a slightly different spelling of "Shigeo" (Shige + "fish"), and the English version of the name is just S. Masai". It's been quite a while since we last saw him, with "Demon Phone" back in Oct., 1966. A guy dressed up like a 1700's classical musician stands next to a tree and cries when the last leaf falls to the ground. His tears cause his shoes to get dirty, so when his attempts to get revenge on the tree fail he steps on the leaf, cleans his shoes, and comments on the crows flying away resembling the fleeting Autumn.

庄助あたりで (Helping Shou)

This is a selected work by a new artist. A young man visits the apartment of his friend, Shou, and notices that the friend doesn't look very healthy. Shou complains about being cold, and takes the visitor's book and reads it out loud. The visitor leaves and comes back some weeks later, only to find that Shou has sold all his belongings, is now living out of a box on the floor, and is looking very thin but strangely beautiful. Shou explains that when he'd gone out to get some cold medicine, he'd discovered a statue of a very pretty girl, who he'd been able to talk to. Over time, he spent all of his money on the medicine as an excuse to visit the shop. Shou dies a few days later, and the friend retraces Shou's steps to try to track down the statue. The pharmacy has remodeled and changed its name, but inside the building is the statue. Of a pregnant woman advertising baby formula (called "Mama Milk"). The friend is disgusted by this turn of events and leaves.


  1. Actually, the title refers to an izakaya so the correct translation for it should be "Around [the tavern called] Shousuke". Anyway, I can't thank you enough for scanning it :)