Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Garo Feature #48

For the Jan., '70 issue, I'm highlighting:

Shouhei Kusunoki's - Thief
Shigeo Masai's - Mime
Tadao Tsuge's - 2 People, 3 Legs

盗っ人 (Thief)

This is kind of a rambling story that starts out with a high school student that sees someone stealing a magazine at a bookstore. Eventually, the boy himself works up the nerve to steal a pen, which he gives to his girlfriend. He starts having dreams of a fishing boat in a storm, and things escalate, with an attack on his girlfriend, and getting drunk with another punk. At the end, the hero and the drunk go past a harbor where the hero recognizes the boats from his dream. The two of them pass out in a room, but when the hero wakes up the next morning, the other guy seems to have not existed, and the hero goes out to walk along the shore.

Mime (Mime)

Shigeo's maestro character gets stuck in a maze, and ends up seeing himself reaching the end. An ambulance arrives to cart him off to the asylum.

二人三脚 (2 People, 3 Legs)

Two guys working at a factory share the same room in an apartment building to save on rent. The hero gets disgusted at the behavior of his roommate, and escapes to the factory to take a shower. The water of the communal bath is too cool, so the hero works on the boiler to bring the temperature up, but with little success. While the rest of the workers bathe, the hero plays cards with two friends, and talks about the bad behavior of the roommate. The hero wins the game and leaves to take his bath. The roommate stumbles in, stinking drunk, and makes a mess of the bath. At the end, the hero tells the roommate that he's horribly disgusting, and the guy just stands there staring, drunk and with vomit running down his chin.

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