Sunday, January 23, 2011

Garo Feature #54

For the May, '70 issue, I'm highlighting:

Ryouichi Ikegami's - Blurred World
Ryouichi Ikegami's - Slip

ぼやけた世界 (Blurred World)

Yukio is a former Japanese boxer who was KO'd during a title match against a black opponent. Several years later, he's a cheap thug who beats up drunks so that his partner can take their wallets. The partner promises to bring a new girl around to their regular haunt - a jazz club - that evening. Yukio doesn't care, because all he has any interest in is boxing, and no non-boxer could understand that. Unfortunately, one of the aftereffects of a lifetime of boxing is blurred vision and a smashed in nose. The partner arrives with the girl in tow. Her name is Rumi, and she acts impressed at Yukio's list of credits, saying that she loves strong men. Later, Yukio and the partner walk out to a park to look for another drunk to roll, and Yukio says that he couldn't go out with Rumi - she's a fan of his and he wouldn't do that to a fan. However, when Yukio starts pounding of their target, he's relentless, and the partner runs away in fear. The drunk collapses to the ground, and Yukio finds himself helpless - his glasses had fallen off and he can't find them on his own. The partner runs back to the bar to confirm something that Yukio had said - yes, she is indeed Yukiko's little sister. The partner calls her a slut, and she just laughs hysterically, tears rolling down her cheeks.

スリップ (Slip)

The story starts with a truck hitting a small boy. Then switches to a taxi dispatch center, where some of the drivers are putting snow chains on their tires in preparation for the snow storm predicted to hit the city that night. The main character, named "Te-chan", decides to not put on the chains since he doesn't need them. That night, he's driving a well-dressed female passenger when he slips into a daydream of being at home and playing with his wife and small son. They watch Tensai Bakabon on TV. Suddenly he snaps out of the reverie in time to barely avoid smashing into a telephone pole. As it is, he'd slid in sideways and cracked the sideview mirror. The passenger just explodes on him, demanding to know why he doesn't have chains on the tires, why he'd endanger the life of a valued passenger, and what he expects her to do now that they're stranded out in the middle of nowhere with no other cars nearby for her to ride back in. He envisions the small boy that had been hit by the truck at the beginning of the story, then snaps and attacks the woman, with her image reflected in the cracked mirror.

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