Sunday, January 30, 2011

Garo Feature #56

For the July, '70 issue, I'm highlighting:

Tadao Tsuge's - Ditch Road, Final Part
Kuniko Tsurita's - Misfortune

どぶ街 (Ditch Road, Final Part)

The artist from the previous chapter is out walking around the village, and meets up with some of his old companions. He eventually makes his way back to the house of his friend's girlfriend and moves in with her (since the friend is going to be in jail for a while). Simultaneously, there's a typhoon coming, and two of the guys working at a factory debate quitting and finding new work. In the end, the older of the two workers goes home after the typhoon has ended, and steals some money from his wife to go play pachinko.

災難 (Misfortune)

A young man is imprisoned with a number of killers, but he remains optimistic because he didn't do anything wrong. His cheerfulness seems to be unappreciated and he is locked up in solitary confinement. Some months later, his jailer is back, this time to take him to the gallows to hang. He repeats that he's innocent, and the hangsmen all repeat that everyone says that. The man tries to escape but is captured again. When he says that he's just one man, and that they should let him go, the jailer repeats that everyone executed up to this point was "just one man".

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