Sunday, January 2, 2011

Garo Feature #59

For the Sept., '70 issue, I'm highlighting:

Shouhei Kusunoki's - Bomutsu
Tadao Tsuge's - A Current Popular Song

暮六つ (Bomutsu)

A toy maker in old Edo is suddenly visited by an old man. The two of them go out to a field where the toy maker hopes they'll be unseen by his family and friends. Unfortunately for him they all show up, and take turns either begging the old man to leave the toy maker alone, or to fight them instead. The old man doesn't respond, and finally the toymaker dresses himself up for a sword fight. They swing, and the toymaker falls dead, to everyone's shock. The old man moves on the the next village.

いざ歌謡曲 (A Current Popular Song)

A group of three guys working on a book are trying to decide on the cover art. The writer wants to use a destroyed battleship picture, while the cover artist wants a new-looking destroyer. The youngest-looking of the three wants to move into manga. The cover artist leaves, and the writer tries to convince the younger one that "having something that sells" is better than "producing art that one can be proud of". At one point, a would-be artist drops by the studio to try to sell them a manga entitled "Zenmai-shiki" that features a wind-up doll, and a cameo by Yoshiharu's "Neji-shiki" character. The magazine publisher the group is contracted to stops by, showing the upcoming issue that they'll be appearing in - the cover has the new-looking destroyer on it. The younger artist and the writer go out drinking, reminiscing about the past, and singing. The younger artist finally agrees that creating stuff that sells is probably the best philosophy.

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