Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garo Feature #68

For the Apr., '71 issue, I'm highlighting:

Shouhei Kusunoki's - Soybean
Hiroyuki Ohtani's - Detective Inkouyoko

まめ (Soybean)

A poor Edo family is running out of things to eat, leaving a rooster and some soybeans. The father goes out to conduct business, leaving the kids at home to play games. When they get hungry, they're told to eat the raw beans. The next day, the mother prepares a big stew, and the family can't eat it because they're already filled up on soybeans. Later, a neighborhood woman complements the family for the delicious food she got from them (probably the stew leftovers), while the family just stares at her, with a single bird feather fluttering by (implying that they'd cooked the rooster but weren't hungry enough to eat it.)

探偵陰溝蝿児 (Detective Inkouyoko) #3

Inkouyo pulls out a knife and threatens the gay family member, who is suddenly guarded by the thug that had the tree fall on him (Eli). Eli takes Inkouyou out to the garden, and from a tree branch they watch a hooded figure enter the woman's room and do stuff to her. Later, the head of the family gives Inkouyou cash to leave the house and not talk to anyone about what's going on there, but Inkouyou hears a strange moaning coming from somewhere and follows it through a secret passage into a dungeon where the gay member is being tortured. Eli shoots the victim before he can talk. Inkouyou then rushes to the woman's room and tries to get her to go with him to freedom. He discovers her secret - she's actually a guy in drag, and "she" bites her tongue off. As she dies in Inkouyou's arms, Eli enters the room and shoots Inkouyou in the chest.

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