Thursday, September 22, 2011

Space Family Carlvinson, chapter 2

Space Family Carlvinson, chapter 2
I really like this series, and I recently got my hands on volume 1 of a reprint version of the manga from 1999. As I was reading through it, I decided that I had to scanilate at least one chapter, and the expressions on Corona's face pretty much guaranteed that it would be chapter two. So, here it is.

Short summary: A troupe of space-traveling dramatic performers accidentally sideswipe an Earth ship and kill the two adults on board. The troupe discovers the sole survivor - an infant they name "Corona". The series starts up four years later as the group takes on their greatest performance - acting like Corona's parents on a remote planet while waiting for another Earth ship to come pick up the girl. It's a sitcom with LOTS of references to contemporary U.S. movies (one of the supporting characters is an alien disguised as a wolf, named John, who likes to show horror flicks at his movie theater - CHUD, Dawn of the Dead, Deadly Spawn. He wears a jacket with "Carpenter" stenciled on the back).

The primary cast:

Mother: A large furry rat. She's the de facto leader of the troupe, and the one who was driving the ship when it clipped the Earthling craft.

Father: A battle robot. The dimmest bulb in the box, but the most devoted member of the troupe when it comes to caring for Corona.

Corona: The star of the series, more or less. A 4-year-old girl with a curiosity streak a mile wide. Very similar to Arale-chan from Dr. Slump but not as indestructible.

Tur-kun: A creature pulled straight from a 1980's Hollywood horror flick. Identified as Corona's "pet squirrel". At one point, is shown with the full name "Turbo" (where "bou" is a suffix added to boy's names). Loves to get into close-up shots to the reader for the shock value. In one chapter, he states that he is a pet squirrel, not a cauliflower.

Belka: An elf-like humanoid who loves weapons and fighting. When panicked can generate enormous strength. When over-heated, becomes brain-dead. Spends most of her time acting as the local police force.

Andy-kun: One half of an android (the legs and head part). The hardware technician in the troupe. Speaks with a metallic accent.

Parka: Not exactly sure what Parka is, or its role in the troupe. Mostly it just stands in one place. The character design is a parody of the cover art for the Japanese release of one of Fred Saberhagen's "Berserker" books.

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