Friday, January 27, 2012

Terahiko Terada's World of Sound

Terahiko Terada (11/28/1878 - 12/21/1935) is a well-known (in Japan) physicist who is most famous for the essays he wrote on a variety of subjects. He studied under Natsume Soseki in high school, and was a professor at the Tokyo Imperial University. As shown in the story below, he's also featured on Japanese postage stamps. Gakken included a 10-page manga based on one of his essays within the mook for their "With KIDS" sound wave visualization kit. Because I'm building up my Gakken blog with information on Japanese scientists, I decided that I might as well translate this manga when I got the chance. (The word balloons are kind of small and there's a lot of text even in Japanese, so at the current image size it may be hard to read. I'm looking for a better way to present the larger images.)