Monday, May 28, 2012

Air Resistance

Yoshitoo Asari, as I've mentioned a few times, is the manga artist responsible for bringing us Space Family Carlvinson, and Lucu Lucu.  He got his start in the 1970's working for Gakken Publishing, producing the Manga Science series for their school children science publication.  As part of the Otona no Kagaku Delta Twister, kit #34 mook, Gakken reprinted one of Asari's Manga Science chapters - Air Resistance: Friend or Foe. After posting the review of the kit on my Otona no Kagaku review blog, I decided to translate and post the manga here strictly for educational purposes only.  Please do not reprint, copy or republish this chapter without permission.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Area 51, 8 Good Legs

All rights belong to their owners.  Images used here for review purposes only.

I was in the middle of reviewing Comic Birz magazine, when I reached this story, which is the latest installment of Area 51.  There's almost nothing written up on it in English, which is a shame, because I think it's pretty funny.  I haven't seen any of the books at Kinokuniya, so I'm going to have to try actively searching for it the next time I get the chance.  The lead female, McCoy seems to have an interesting story behind her.

5 points if you recognize the reference for the 3 guys that just rushed into McCoy's office.