Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dinner with Witch & Shigeru Mizuki

There have been a couple manga worth paying attention to in Big Comic Original recently. The first is a 4-page short story from Shigeru Mizuki (Gegege no Kitaro) regarding a flashback he had back to when he was serving in the Japanese army during WW II. The other is a 32-page stand-alone story titled Dinner With a Witch, by Rumiko Takahashi, that is part of Original's 40th anniversary celebrations. I don't have time to translate the dialog, so I'll just put a link to the scans here.

----- Spoilers -----

If you can't read Japanese and you want to know what's going on in the two stories:

Mizuki is dreaming that he's back in the army, and his superior officer has just given him a pistol and orders to shoot himself in the head.  

In the other story, a company president is mourning the passing of his wife. Later, he's at a dinner event where a strange, beautiful woman accidentally spills food on him. To apologize, she gives him a necktie, and invites him to have dinner at different restaurants with her. She eats like a horse but never gains weight. On the other hand, he's starting to pack on the pounds. Pretty soon, the woman is showing up on TV a lot as a talent. One day, the guy's cleaning woman is at his house and she notices the mystery woman on TV and asks if her boss believes in witches. She then asks if the mystery woman has given him anything. He hands over the tie, and she finds a strand of the woman's hair in it. She cuts the tie in two and it goes up in flames. The explanation is that the woman used transfer magic so that she'd get the calories from him, and he'd get her calories, which work out to be 500cal.  versus 5000 cal. That night, the mystery woman calls the guy to a hotel room and puts a new tie on his neck and says that she wants him to get even fatter. Then, the cleaning woman, dressed up as a bell hop, enters the room and sprays the witch with champagne formulated to reverse her spell. The witch runs away screaming. The cleaning woman explains that she's also a witch and is in fact the person that had taught the younger woman everything. The story wraps up with the president, still fat, enjoying himself at a ramen restaurant with his workers.


  1. Hello. I just posting that I've manage to find some Don Dracula scans if you want to look at them.

    They are here:

    They took me an hour to download but they are all 3 volumes. No passwords are on them.

  2. Thanks for collecting the 3 volumes like this. I'll check them out when I get the time.